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On-time delivery is not simply meeting schedules. It involves a thousand-and-one factor : having a fleet of trucks in tip-top condition; a full-service repair and maintenance shop; warehouse facility ensuring availability of accessories and spare parts; 24-hour on call rescue team; highly skilled drivers and helpers and a sustained teamwork between and among crews - and we have these.

FSTA delivers your cargo safely and efficiently. Our years of experience continue to enhance our competitive advantage, and we have diverse service capabilities which enable us to supply the right equipment, at the right time and at the right place.

FSTA Reefer and Genset Services is a company specializing in the service and maintenance of refrigeration, reefer and dry boxes, insulation, genset, chassis and other specialized equipment. We have a dedicated team comprised of highly experienced management and technical people, certified container inspectors licensed by the Institute of International Container Lessors, all have demonstrated ability in handling M&R of various reefer equipments such as Thermo King reefer trailer, Thermo King reefer container, Carrier Transicold containers and gensets. Services and functions performed by our qualified reefer technicians are: cleaning, repair, pre-tripping, power and monitor out-plugging at sea ports; and on-transit monitoring of loaded reefers.

FSTA stalwart fleet are always on the move... anytime... all the time... and this is because of its affiliate company, the FSTA Repair and Maintenance Services that always ensures the roadworthiness and serviceability of FSTA fleet before it hits the road.

FSTA Repair Maintenance Services have a fully-equipped service bays, complete warehouse facility and experienced professionals and highly skilled technical staff that are capable in delivering quality workmanship, meeting the company, affiliates and client's standards.

FSTA began its retreading service using the cold-process tire retreading. From being an amateur, we have successfully launched full operation of our in-house tire retreading facilities through the FSTA Tire Recapping Services.

We are the only tire recapper in Southern Philippines which uses the buttress-design recap to enhance tire original physical appearance and performance, doing deep tread of 20/32 for optimum mileage of tires.

We are proud to say that in our third (3rd) year of operation, we never had experienced retread separation of our recap products.

Our business requires us to have equipments tailored for every requirement of our clients and FSTA Machining Works and Fabrication just does that. When it comes to trailer fabrication and undercarriage conversion, FSTA can boast on its expertise in this field. We have an array of specialty and custom-built trailers which are long proven to be roadworthy and perform at par level.

We also operate milling machines, lathes, drills and other machine tools to fabricate parts and tolling supplies.

We have an experienced and knowledgeable team ready to meet client's design and specifications.


Authorized Container Product Service And Warranty Center

Authorized Dealer & Service Center of Marine Containers & Reefer Gensets
Institute of International Container Lessors
Certified Marine Container Inspector & Service Provider
Star Cool

Authorized Container Product Service And Warranty Center

Klinge Corporation
Service Point for Klinge Corporation
Authorized Container Product Service And Warranty Center

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